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Victoria Primary School, Ballyhalbert, Newtownards

P.5 are visited by a 4500 year old pharaoh! 🇪🇬

25th Jan 2022

P.5 recently had a very unusual visitor - 4500 year old Sennapod!

The mummifying techniques used during his dynasty must have been first class as Sennapod - ‘He whose name shall rumble through the ages and most handsome of all pharaohs!’ was looking very much alive! 

Sennapod, alongside Cleopatra and two other Ancient Egyptian rulers, visited P.5 and shared lots of interesting facts, topic words and some impressive artefacts - including stone mansion art, hieroglyphs, papyrus and a very boring looking tablet - not the iPad Mr Fulton had hoped for!

P.5 will continue to explore Ancient Egypt this term during World Around Us lessons, through P.E. and Art. 🇪🇬